Frequent Asked Questions

We have collected the most frequently asked questions for you
Do you also supply Windows 10 or Linux?

The laptops can be delivered with Windows 7, 8, 10 or with Linux.

Does Laptops-Rent.Ghana rent out other hardware in addition to laptops?

We also rent

  • Mobile ethernet
  • Beamer’s
  • Projection screen’s
  • television screen’s
  • Printer’s
  • Laptop cart’s

Why should I rent a laptop at Laptops-Rent.Ghana?

  • Renting laptops at an affordable
  • price
  • Short term delivery
  • Easily accessible by phone
  • Customizable Flexibility

Will my data remain on the laptop?

No, the laptops will be restored afterwards. This means that the hard disk will be completely overwritten. This will delete all of your data!

Are the rented laptops insured?

The laptops are only insured if you purchase an insurance policy from us. In the event of damage, loss or theft, we will charge you (part of) the current market value determined by us.

Can I get the laptops or other hardware before the day I use it?

We normally deliver the laptops one working day in advance. If you have opted for on-site installation, we will coordinate with the venue owner when there is an availability to install the hardware. So everything is ready for you the next day, working.

If I want to rent longer term, can you make a special offer for that?

When renting for a longer term, a favorable price is applied.

Do I have to pick up the laptop myself?

We deliver the laptops throughout the country and we also collect them afterwards. If desired, you can pick up the hardware yourself at our office.

Are mouses supplied with the rented laptops?

Laptops-Rent.Ghana supplies the laptops with optical USB mice.

Are adapters supplied with the rented laptops?

The laptops come with matching adapters.

Will the laptop be delivered in a laptop bag?

The laptops are packed per six in a box. If you would like a laptop bag, please let us know.

Can I use the laptop on the internet?

If there is internet available at the location, you are. Then you can use the laptop with that internet.
If there is no internet on site, you can rent a UMTS router from us.

Can I also rent software other than Microsoft Office?

Please contact us for the options via our contact form or GHANAPHONE” If you have a license of software yourself, you can submit it, so that we pre-install it on your laptops.

When I request a quote via this website, is this already final?

Your request is always for a non-binding offer.

What does on-site installation mean?

Service comes first for us. That is why we recommend choosing an on-site installation. This means that we connect and test the hardware on location. In consultation, this can be the day or evening before, or early in the morning on the day itself.

What is on-site support?

If you rent hardware from us, you can choose to have one of our employees on location. In the unlikely event that something should fail, our colleague is ready. This way you can quickly continue with your training or presentation. The employee also has spare equipment with him so that he can quickly exchange a device.

When will the laptops be picked up again?

We pick up the laptops the next day. You must clean up the laptops yourself after use and bring them to a closed room. If you opt for on-site support, we will take the laptops back the same day.

If I want to pick up the laptop myself, where can I go?

Laptops-Rent.Ghana is located in Ghana. If desired, you can pick up your laptop here.

Do the laptops have WIFI?

Yes, all of our laptops have WIFI. please consider that to use the WIFI function on the laptops, there must be a suitable WIFI source.

If I rent a laptop from Laptops-Rent.Ghana, will it also contain Windows?

All our laptops have Windows installed by default.